Kudos For Yvonne!

I believe you deserve kudos for helping my friend in PA when she needed a policy in a hurry over the Christmas holiday last year.  After her husband retired she was left without Medicare coverage.  She appreciated your help so much that she wanted to meet you when she came to visit me last winter.  You also did a great job with the church members at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Dr.Doris Branson,Parish Nurse

Yvonne Is Always There When I Need Answers!

I have been quite happy knowing that your knowledge base has worked well for me in my first year dealing with

Medicare. You know the industry far better than l know and I have questions you are available to answer them with no four hour holds on the phone.

would recommend you to anyone I know starting on Medicare, or fighting with issues with their current coverage through a supplemental policy. It may be time for them to deal with their current issues, while at the same time finding a more constructive policy for their next policy year.

It has been a year with a few bumps, but all in all a constructive and teachable year thanks to your instruction and guidance.

Just so you know, when the opportunity arises I let friends and acquaintances know how intelligent and helpful you have been to me! Thanks, Yvonne. Good luck as you go forward.

Ruth Kendall

Yvonne Tepsick Is An Exceptional Insurance Agent!

Yvonne Tepsick is an exceptional insurance agent who is very knowledgeable in all of the health insurance products.  She learns her clients' needs and is able to recommend the insurance products best suited for their consideration.  She checks with her clients annually to see if their needs have changed or whether a different health insurance product might serve them better.  We are fortunate to know her not only as our insurance agent but also as a friend and neighbor.


Pat and Paul Hackett

Yvonne Is Always There For You!

I would recommend Yvonne.  She has always been there to answer questions when I need her.


Vernon Freeman

Tepsick Insurance Is A Winner Hands Down!

We have been clients of Yvonne Tepsick for several years now and always recommend her to friends when they are concerned about their medical insurance.  We feel she always has our back and if we need to know anything she is so available And knowledgeable about our medical history and how to advise us.  The lady is a winner hands down.

Bud and Dixie Johnson

Tepsick Insurance As My Agent!

You as my agent....You have made my life so much easier knowing that I have the best

health plan....always there to answer my questions and re-assure me that I am covered

with the best plan for ME....

I am blessed to have found you.....

Esther Morris

Thank God for meeting Yvonne!

Thank God for me meeting Yvonne. With her good advice I got the best plan for myself. She emphasized to me that you never know when your health can change. Well, I recently needed open heart surgery and it would have probably cost me thousands if I did not go for the plan Yvonne recommended. She has become a dear friend of mine and anybody needing to get any kind of health insurance could never get anybody better than Yvonne to get it from. My sincere Thanks to her.
Nick Lapetina

Nick Lapetina

Yvonne Was Incredibly Helpful

Yvonne was incredibly helpful when I was shopping for insurance. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart, while also finding me the appropriate amount of coverage I was looking for. She made the process so easy and efficient, I can't imagine using anyone else. I will definitely be using her again when looking to increase my coverage and recommend her to all of my friends!
Recent Customer

My experience with Yvone helping me get ready for Medicare was incredible!

Yvone has a very gentle way about her. She came to a meeting at my house and sat down to talk about my health care and the best choices I could make to protect myself. She didn't come as a high pressure sales person, she came as a caring agent who was wanting to get the best insurance for me at the best cost. We spent a good amount of time understanding my medical history and then started planning what would be the best route for me to continue to protect myself. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for advice and direction as you approach Medicare.

Charles Montgomery