The Villages Health Care Plan Checkup

Need a Health Insurance Check-Up?

The Villages Health Care Plan Checkup Need a Health Insurance Check-Up?

It can be confusing with all of the changes in Healthcare these days here in The Villages. A review of your healthcare plan is always a good idea to determine what your best options are for 2018.

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Open enrollment ends on December 7th.
What you have on December 7th will be your plan or plans for 2018.

Medicare Advantage plans – there may be changes to these plans and it is good to review these changes with a professional.
Supplement plans may have an increase in their premiums but for the most part, they remain unchanged. If you are changing to an Advantage plan
and staying with The Villages Health Care system it would be in your best interest to review your options.

Prescription drug plans should be reviewed every year as the companies may change premiums, copay’s’, and their formularies.
Dis-enrollment Period is January 1 – February 14

What if you have changed your mind about your switch to a Medicare Advantage plan? You can make a change back to Original Medicare, select a drug plan and drop your Medicare Advantage plan. During this time frame, you could also select a Medicare Supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare. This is called a Medigap Plan or Supplement Plan.

Please note: You cannot move from one Medicare Advantage plan to another. This can only be done during an open enrollment period.

If you need some help figuring all of this out, please call Yvonne Tepsick (202-439-2530 – Cell), (352-350-6663 – Office).

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