Original Medicare plus Supplemental or a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Original Medicare plus Supplemental or a Medicare Advantage Plan?

I have received many calls for help in deciding whether to keep original medicare and a  supplement or take the medicare advantage plans offered here in the Villages through United Healthcare.

Patients of The Villages Health may be confused about their options. Let me try to simplify your choices. Of course healthcare choices will depend on individual needs and finances. I can help you choose the best plan for you.

The Villages Health has changed its policies recently meaning all patients enrolled or planning to enroll in the Villages Health Care Centers The Villages will be required to have a United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan.

Patients with Original Medicare and a Supplement plan will no longer be accepted after January 1, 2017.  It’s not a crisis! You can have health care coverage that works for you.

Let me clarify the basic differences between the plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans are medicare approved  coverage provided by a private insurance company. There are many kinds of plans  but for The Villages Health it has to be a United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan. This type of coverage has hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage all in one plan (Part A, B, and D).  This plan is called a Part C.

It is a zero premium plan! If you have a lot of prescription drugs this could  be a considerable savings for you.  But you will have some co-pays when you use it. Hospital, ambulance, MRI’s, surgeries, etc., all have copay’s.

If your needs are not excessive at present you will be able to save money.

The doctors you use have to be in the United Healthcare network.  There are many competent doctors and specialists of course! If you are happy with your doctors and they are in network with United Healthcare this may not be an issue.

This is where I can help you. I can assess your current health needs and help you navigate this option, as there are many things to consider.

There are other Medicare Advantage Plans that might be appropriate for you, depending on your situation if you are contemplating using The Villages Health Care Centers.

Original Medicare

Part A (hospital) has no premium to you.  Some copays depending on inpatient use may apply.

Part B (medical, drs., and services) has a low monthly premium of $104.90 or $121.80 depending on when you took medicare.. There is a deductible of $166 the first time you use it and 20% copays. You may choose any doctor or  specialist,  and any hospital anywhere. This gives you control over your healthcare providers.

Supplement plans added to Medicare

Supplemental medical plans have a premium and  fill the gaps in Original Medicare and reduce overall costs. This will takes away the  copays and deductibles. It gives you peace of mind. This also will vary depending on your needs and how often you go to the doctor.It may also pay for healthcare expenses when you travel outside USA.

A drug plan (Part D ) helps with prescription drug costs which can be expensive with chronic conditions. There are as many as 20 different plans based on your prescription drug needs . Great for people on a limited income.

I understand that this is very confusing!  I can help you decide what is best for you and navigate the paperwork too! I am always available to answer questions and monitor your health and Insurance needs.

Open Enrollment begins October 15th and goes until December 7th.

I can offer personal, private, and professional Insurance advice, suited to your individual needs, whether you are new to the Medicare process or need updated advice. Located in The Villages, Fl – We are here to serve your Medicare needs!

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