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Why Hire an Independent Insurance Agent for Medicare

Hiring an independent insurance agent – rather than going through a specific insurance carrier – can save you money. We assess your needs and can give you a plan with a variety of different companies to meet your needs. Independent insurance agents offer an unbiased opinion and more personalized service. Located in The Villages, Fl – We are here to serve your Insurance needs!

Things to consider:

  1. CustomerService – If you have coverage questions, would you rather reach an automated recording or an actual person when you call your insurance provider? Independent insurance agencies like Tepsick Insurance, can come to you or have you visit the office when it is convenient for you. We have more than 18 agents to return phone calls when they come in instead of a 9-to-5 schedule, Monday through Friday as most companies provide.
  2. Personal Shoppers– Working with an independent insurance agent can be compared to having a personal shopper. Similar to the way in which a real estate agent sorts through properties to help you find your ideal home, an independent insurance agent reviews many different insurance companies’ rates and coverage options to help secure policies that best suit your needs. You may believe that this comes at an additional cost to you, but independent insurance agents do not add extra charges to insurance companies’ rates.
  3. Community Involvement – In addition to assisting you, many independent insurance agents also actively help your local community. As local business owners, many independent insurance agents place a strong emphasis on giving back to the community. From sponsoring fundraisers and donating to local charities, to volunteering and serving as board members for non-profit organizations, there are many ways you may witness your local independent insurance agents giving back to the community, which can make you feel confident about your decision to do business with them.
  4. Local Knowledge – As local residents, many independent insurance agents have lived in your area for years and use their knowledge of the community to help you better reduce your risks. Every year Tepsick Insurance agents review your insurance plan, and make sure it is still working for you – free of charge.
  5. Understanding – Independent insurance agents understand that Medicare insurance can seem complicated and confusing, especially when you don’t deal with it on a daily basis. For this reason, your independent insurance agent will work to ensure that you fully understand your coverage and explain Medicare and Medigap in easy-to-understand language. Tepsick Insurance answers questions to help clients who appeal claims with the insurance companies and Medicare.
  6. One-Stop Shops – At many independent insurance agencies, you can take care of all your Medicare coverage needs at once, limiting the number of different companies you deal with and helping you stay organized.
  7. Reputation – Reputation plays a crucial role in finding a company you can trust, and many independent insurance agencies take pride in the years they have spent serving their local communities. Yvonne Tepsick is licensed in 18 states and has a well-established reputation in the community, which can also help you feel confident about Tepsick Insurance’s financial stability.
  8. Knowledge – When you require legal advice, you contact a lawyer. When a health issue arises, you visit your doctor. When you need assistance with your Medicare insurance coverage, why not rely on an industry expert?
  9. Saving Money and Time – Insurance companies that promise to drastically reduce your rates in minutes may seem cost-effective at first, but working with an independent insurance agent can save you money and time over the long term. Instead of providing an instant rate quote, independent insurance agents ask questions to ensure that the coverage they design will adequately protect you when you need it.
  10. Protection and Peace of Mind – Above all, working with an independent insurance agent will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that when you save money on your insurance, it won’t come at the expense of comprehensive coverage. When it comes to your protection, relying on an independent agent you can trust is a great place to start.

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